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All the FAUNA products are made with pure essential extracts and oils that address the needs of the most irritated of human or animal skin & coats.

The health of you & your pet is our priority. Using FAUNA keeps your skin/scalp cleansed properly & allows for new hair growth. 


For YOU: the 1% active Tea Tree Oil per bottle is a deep cleansing of the scalp. Clears away scalp oils & residue without stripping. Balances oily scalp, kills dandruff causing bacteria & soothes irritated skin. Is a natural antibacterial, antifungal  & antiseptic.

For your PET: Tea Tree & Lavender are healing oils that helps relieve flea-bites, dermatitis, itching, scratching, hot spots, flaky skin & even kills fleas. Is known to be a natural antibacterial, antifungal  & antiseptic to keep you & your fur baby healthy & clean.