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Rescue Stories by FAUNA


Found wandering downtown L.A. and thought to have escaped being used in a dog fighting ring. Gia found her way into our hearts and now is living her best life as The Princess of Love & Light!


Found in a garbage can with 2 other puppies then taken to a "kill shelter." We found him on his last day ( on death row) and brought him home to us. He brings such joy and happiness to our's as if the gods chose him just for us.

Rescue Stories by FAUNA
Rescue Stories By FAUNA

Linus (Li Li)

Linus, from homeless to Chief Ranch Dog! Rescued from horrific conditions to living his best life on 60 acres with his sister Daisy, 8 horses and his best friend Cash!


Wesley was rescued in 2016. He was a 6 year old furry ball of nerves just looking for a lap to curl up in.  Now older and wiser, he loves long walks on the beach and chasing his roommate Carl the Cat.  

Rescue Stories By FAUNA
Rescue Stories by FAUNA


I was born on Dec 10, 2007. I was one of 300 puppy mill dogs, denied regular food and shelter in the harsh winter climate of Wyoming. We had minimal human contact. 

Northern California Pomeranian Rescue sent out volunteers to the puppy mill farm and were able to take 22 of us to our new homes in California. We were known as the “Wyoming 22.”

I was the last puppy mill dog to be adopted, maybe because I had a difficult time adapting to the human world. It took my new family an entire year to earn my trust and let them hold me. I’ve been well taken care of,  walked every day and felt their love...this finally broke down my wall.

I’ve had 12 glorious years with my loving family and hope to have many more.  ♥️♥️♥️

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