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All the FAUNA products are made with pure essential extracts and oils that specifically work one way on humans and address even the most irritated of animal skin/coats.


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When it comes to you or your fur baby, we believe in safety and efficiency

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 In 1996 Renee adopted a 2 month old chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Avo. She found herself quickly purchasing every pet product known to man, however, she could not find a pet shampoo that did not contain a warning label, “Harmful to Humans and Domestic Animals” or that simply did not work for Avo. She began researching dog shampoo products and discovered often times the ingredients listed were not in fact in the shampoos. She also started testing pH levels in dogs and cats only to discover they were similar to humans. She found that the utilization of essential oils and plant extracts benefit pets at an even higher level than humans. When experimenting with many essential oils, Renee discovered that the combination of Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil was an excellent natural repellent for fleas, itchy skin and hot spots. Avo was a wonderful test dog! Renee was also testing the same product on herself. For human hair and scalp, this shampoo provided moisture, intense shine, body and treated oily scalps without weighing the hair down.

It was through this research and a ton of baths for Avo that Fauna: Aromatherapy Hair Care For Pets & People was born, featuring the Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Shampoo, Shea Butter & Lavender Oil conditioner, Orange Oil and Lavender Oil detangling sheen, Marigold Petals & Lavender Oil Babies shampoo (can’t leave out the puppies and babies!), and an SPF 15 Citronella & Eucalyptus spray for the body and coat. All of the products, for both you AND your pet, possess active healing properties, as well as aroma therapy elements that heighten sensory stimulation, yet sooth and calm the soul leaving you and your pet with the ultimate bathing experience every time.

For the last 22 years, Fauna has been providing beautiful coats and hair to puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, horses and PEOPLE. Be sure to check out the Fauna Fans page and don’t forget to visit our SHOP page where our new Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Dry Shampoo is now available.


If It’s Good Enough For Your Pet, It’s Good Enough For You! 



Rescue Story


Meet Oscar...

I was born on Dec 10, 2007. I was one of 300 puppy mill dogs, denied regular food and shelter in the harsh winter climate of Wyoming. We had minimal human contact. 

Northern California Pomeranian Rescue sent out volunteers to the puppy mill farm and were able to take 22 of us to our new homes in California. We were known as the “Wyoming 22.”

I was the last puppy mill dog to be adopted, maybe because I had a difficult time adapting to the human world. It took my new family an entire year to earn my trust and let them hold me. I’ve been well taken care of,  walked every day and felt their love...this finally broke down my wall.

I’ve had 12 glorious years with my loving family and hope to have many more.

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