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FAUNA shampoo




African Serval

Deb Floyd

Director of Operations

As a hairstylist for 10 years Deb has a human and dog perspective. In the salon, her focus was to find practical solutions for her client’s hair and scalp problems. In that time, she helped clients with eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, cradle cap, allergies, hair loss, breakage, medication side effects and hormonal fluctuations.  Often clients’ main complaints were rooted in scalp issues and not getting their hair clean enough. Good hair starts with clean hair. Deb began searching for the best cleansers on the market. Trying to find the best ones for everyday use, the best ones for color treated hair, the best ones for sensitivities. When she tried FAUNA, her search was over! FAUNA immediately ticked all the boxes. Not only is FAUNA an all-natural hair care line that she can recommend to all her clients but its also the product line she recommends to every pet owner.  

When she became a dog mom, Deb turned that same focus to her fur-baby Wesley. After spending hours and hours researching solutions and remedies for everything from digestion to leash aggression, Deb developed a wealth of pet knowledge. Since Wesley has several sensitivities, Deb often had to find alternatives and more natural solutions to his issues. Vet recommended shampoos left his fur dry and pet store shampoos never quite alleviated Wesley’s skin issues. Salon quality products that were made for dogs either made the problems worse or did nothing at all. Wesley was a dog with irritated, flaky, itchy skin and dry, tangle-prone hair. Nothing Deb tried helped with more than one of little Wesley’s concerns. Nothing except, of course, FAUNA. After one FAUNA bath Deb could see the difference in Wesley. His itch was less, hair was immensely softer and shinier which made his coloring pop more vividly. Deb was hooked. From that moment on she would always be a #FAUNAFan. 


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